The Real Cost of Assembling Office Furniture Yourself

The Real Cost of Assembling Office Furniture Yourself

The Real Cost of Assembling Office Furniture Yourself

The Real Cost of Assembling Office Furniture Yourself

Furnishing and equipping an office can be a pricey business. And for a growing company, it can be tempting to cut corners in seemingly simple areas – with the assembly and installation, for example.

You’ve probably thought about doing the assembly on your own. Or maybe you’ve considered hiring a cheap, “general moving” company to get things set up.

Bad move.

For starters, assembling furniture is probably not the best us of your employees’ time – not to mention your own. In addition to the loss of working hours, the hassle and risk of potential damage to your furniture is certainly not worth it.

The office furniture you choose is likely to be in place for the foreseeable future. And you’re not going to want to replace anything broken by accidents caused during construction.

Even with a general moving company, their lack of expertise will end up costing you in the long run. Non-professionals will inevitably take longer to put together office equipment and furniture. That means that the amount  you “saved” avoiding professional office furniture installers will be lost as employees wait to get back to work.

Or maybe you’ve got some a group of associates who are good with a wrench and have helped out with putting things together for your home office. But, did you know that commercial grade furniture is built to different standards than residential furniture? The process for assembly of your new conference table is not as simple as it is for that computer desk you picked up last month.

So before you pull out the wrench, take a look at…

Five reasons why you don’t want to assemble the office:

There needs to be a strategy.

Assembling and installing office furniture isn’t as simple as it sounds and takes more than a few hours and the tools you have handy. You need a plan that considers things you’ve probably not thought about. For example:

  • Do you have drawings for exactly how each station is to be laid out?
  • Do you have staff that is skilled in reading those drawings from an installation point of view?
  • How long will furniture take to construct and arrange?
  • What sequence of installation will ensure a streamlined workflow?
  • How many employees will it take to complete installation in a timely fashion?
  • Will you need an electrician?
  • Will you need someone to sort out telephone lines and internet? Cable and other wiring?
  • What do you do if you seem to be missing parts?

And that’s just the beginning – clearly a bit more complicated than slotting a couple of desks together.

It will cost you time and money.

If you choose to ask your employees to take a couple of hours away from their desks to assemble chairs, tables, desks, dividers and everything else that makes an office function properly, then their everyday tasks will be neglected.

Deadlines could be missed or set back and, ultimately, you’ll end up paying twice – for the hours lost while employees fix everything up and for the extra hours for them to catch up on normal duties.

It won’t be perfect.

Putting furniture together smartly and efficiently and, above all, correctly, isn’t actually that easy.

It doesn’t take much to end up with a unit that just doesn’t fit together. Placing a cantilever or panel a fraction of an inch the wrong way can cause the failure of entire workstations. Before you know it, your carefully drawn up office plan is destroyed and every surface is slightly askew.

Office desks won’t match up flush at the edges, drawers won’t line up and trays won’t be level. But worst of all, you and everyone else will be frustrated.

Leaving the heavy work to your employees will be completely counterproductive. So save you and your team the hassle, and leave it up to professional office furniture installers.

It might not be safe. Literally.

Office furniture installation crews are experts at making sure your furniture is assembled to code and placed according to the space planner’s specifications. That expertise keeps you in the clear with the law and free of fines.

You might need help after the installation.

Professional office installers in Nigeria will have dependable post-installation customer service that could come in handy should you find something isn’t working properly. Saving time and stress for employees, they’ll be able to swiftly fix any issues with

minimum fuss.

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